The Innovative System
The method employs a device that through the provision of high flow air, reproduces in contact with the patient’s skin
a sort of decompression chamber “miniature”, which on the one hand boosts the oxygen concentration of the skin and
by ‘another promotes the conveyance in depth of the active ingredients of the serum.
Active ingredients based on hyaluronic acid, polypeptide acting Botox – mimetic, vitamins, amino acids and hydrating factors enable, just after one session, to weaken noticeably the signs of aging, fine lines and the wrinkles on face, neck, cleavage and hands, reshaping face relaxed features and regenerating skin tissues and making your skin glowing, hydrated and polished.
Active principles based on Vegetal Stem Cells, Sea Collagen, Serenoa Repens, Keratin, and other specific natural ingredients allow the customer, even after one session, to lessen noticeably the main abnormalities of the scalp, such as Hair Loss, Hair thinning, Oily hair, Dandruff, Sensible, Irritated or Itchy Scalp, regenerating skin textures and making it shiny and moisturized.
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