Hyperbaric Aesthetic Treatment

Active ingredients based on hyaluronic acid, polypeptide acting Botox – mimetic, vitamins, amino acids and hydrating factors enable, just after one session, to weaken noticeably the signs of aging, fine lines and the wrinkles on face, neck, cleavage and hands, reshaping face relaxed features and regenerating skin tissues and making your skin glowing, hydrated and polished.

  • It reduces noticeably wrinkles and expression lines
  • It rejuvenates and regenerates dermal tissue
  • It gives a natural lifting effect
  • It lights the tone of the skin up and unifies it
  • It hydrates deeply face, neck, cleavage and hands’ skin
  • It reactivates the cell metabolism of elastin and collagen making the skin tonic

Expression wrinkles or muscle-mimic: we could find on the nose, from different shapes as horizontal or vertical, in the forehead, in the outer edge of the eyes, and in the upper lip. There are produced due to contraction of the muscles of a skin that has lost elasticity or capacity to recover the shape.

Wrinkles of skin texture: there are present at the surface with a pattern composed of lines of depression, or engravings, which are interwoven with each other to circumscribe areas quadrangular or rhomboid, with age lines become less frequent but engraved more deeply to the skin surface.

The Treatment
Through the perfusion on skin the special active ingredients are transferred into the deeper layers of the skin and working together. The results are immediate: the skin becomes more turgid and elastic, more compact and light, more hydrated and toned, improving skin atony.

Treatment SKIN-AGE produces a natural lifting effect, eliminating fine lines and greatly reducing wrinkles, including those of expression and this already during one sitting.

It is simple, painless, non-invasive and does not in any way limit normal activities.
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