The Method

The method employs a device that through the provision of high flow air, reproduces in contact with the patient’s skin a sort of decompression chamber “miniature”, which on the one hand boosts the oxygen concentration of the skin and by ‘another promotes the conveyance in depth of the active ingredients of the serum.

From the first session, the skin appears visibly more hydrated, radiant and toned. The treatment is not painful, as non-invasive, but on the contrary, it is quite pleasant and relaxing.

Can be treated with sera Skinage, the problems of the face, neck and hair.

The Duration

The duration of the session depending on the serum applied. It ‘important to maintain and consolidate the effect of treatment continue with the home application of products that are an integral part of the program.

Although the first results are visible already after the first sessions, in order to enjoy a substantial and persistent need to make a “shock therapy”, which includes 6 sessions, 1 or 2 sessions per week, and a maintenance session 1 to month.

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